Monday, August 9, 2010


I was talking with a friend of mine last week and we started talking about when we use to play at Pinky's. Pinky's was located off FLamigo in Las Vegas Nv.
After our conversation we both agreed that we missed playing there. Pinky's has been closed for years,but the memories still hang on. Those of you that aren't familiar with Pinky's, they were a night club with 35 to 40 pool tables. All the 7 foot tables were covered with a hot pink cloth. I use to wear glasses at that time and the glare from the pink felt would cause me to miss some shots. At least that was my excuse.

Anyway back then I didn't know much about how to play the game. We would go out and bang balls and have a really good time. After several years of bad mechanic's and jumping up on every shot ( they should of nicknamed me grasshopper). I had a chance to watch the pros play at the Riviera and really fell in love with the game.
I wanted to learn more and become a much better player. I started playing serious and learning as much as I could asking alot of questions from better players and teaching myself. Big mistake, If you want to play better and become competitive then I would recommend lessons. All you new players that really want to get better
should get lessons and learn to start with the basics. Don't play around and try to teach yourself. I live in Las Vegas and we have several people that are more than capable of teaching you.If you don't live in Vegas I'm sure someone in
your area is giving lessons. In Vegas we have Walter Glass who I hear gives great lessons, and Greg Kuhls who also gives lesson which are also very good. To get these guy's phone number you can go to . Believe me I wasted years trying to teach myself, don't make the same mistake.


  1. J.T. +1 Good Post, keep em coming...

    Found your blog via Vegas Billiards Buzz...

    Both Walter Glass out of Pool Sharks and Greg "Kuhl" out of the Cue Club are great players (two of the highest rated players in the state) and instructors and I have taken lessons from both...

    Greg leans more towards 8-ball and Walter more towards 9-ball...

  2. Bohemian, Thanks for your input, I agree I had lesson with Greg who really helped my game.