Tuesday, August 24, 2010


I went to the Riviera to watch some friends play in some matches in the APA. I am not an APA member, but I do enjoy watching people I know play. I was having a relaxing day when I ran across Greg  Kuhls playing in some mini 's. He was playing in the 8 ball events and man can this guy play. This is why he won the BCA open in 2007. He never missed a shot.
I did some shopping while I was there and some people asked me if there was a pool hall close by that they could go and practice . I mentioned the cue club which is about a mile and a half up the street or pool sharks if they want to drive alittle farther or one of my favorites mickey's which is across town. They wanted a place that has valley tables so I recommended the cue club or pool sharks. I really enjoy spending time every year at the Riv. and hope when the VENA and ACS move their venue next year it will be just as enjoyable.
Alot of vendors were set up this year and there was some great deals on cues, cases, and accessories. My favorite is pool dawgs, they seem to have the best deals and alot of choices.
Amy should post the results of the APA on her website vegasbilliardsbuzz and lets hope Vegas does well.
Talk to you soon. Shoot straight.

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