Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bruce Barrette

  Anyone that knows Bruce Barrette, knows his passion for pool was a top priority in his life, His wife came first then came his love for pool. I have known Bruce for about 8 years and he was our team captain that lead us to the ACS National Championship last June at the Riviera . Bruce plays on Tuesday and Wednesday nights at the cue club, and is liked by anyone that knows him. Last Thursday Bruce had surgery and suffered a massive stroke . He is in intensive care and needs all our prays. Please take a minute and pray that Bruce gets better. We need him back in our lives.

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  1. To everyone at the Cue Club: Thank you for this touching article and for all of your prayers. Bruce is now at the Harmon Hospital and Rehabilitation Center. He is not yet able to speak or move his right arm or leg. He does however understand what is going on. I will be sure to take a copy of this and show it to him tonight. I really appreciate your kind words and thoughts.
    Marsha Barrette