Sunday, August 8, 2010


I wanted to start a blog related to playing pool and be able to talk with other pool players and hear about each others experiences. After checking out other billiard blogs I realized that everyone is advertising or selling something and not talking at all about what a great night they had or how lousy they played on league night.

My name is James Taylor and I live in Las Vegas Nevada. I love what Vegas has to offer as far as pool goes.We have every league imaginable and a lot of tournaments just about every night of the week. If your from Vegas or from out of state and plan to visit Vegas in the future, and want to have a lot of fun then go to www. and find out what is going on. Amy and Nicole have a great site and let everyone know what is going on in town. If your from out of town and don't want to gamble everyday then go to www., find a tournament and have a great time.

I am not selling anything nor is the website I asked you to visit, Just get involved and have a great time.
My next blog will have more about myself and some of the interesting people I have meet.Talk to you soon.

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