Friday, December 31, 2010


Those of you that don't know it I have a 9 Ball collection. I have around 60 balls. Each one is signed by a Pro Player. In the beginning it was easy to get Pro's to sign, but as I collected more and more it became harder to find someone that hasn't already signed one of my 9 Ball's. I decided to start a collection of Hall of Famers and one of my favorite is Lou Butera. I was able to get him to sign a ball for me last year at the Riviera.
Those of you  pool players that have lived long enough in Vegas knew Lou when he owned Pool Sharks.
 Lou was born in Pittston, Pennsylvania in 1937. His nickname " Machine Gun Lou" derived from stunning the crowd and fellow competitors by running 150 and out in straight pool in 21 minutes against Allen Hopkins in 1973. He was referred to as the man who may be the fastest pool player the game has ever known.
Lou also appeared in several movies as an actor and technical advisor. He had a cameo appearance as himself in the movie Baltimore Bullet, and as a pool player in Police Academy 6. He was also the technical advisor on the 1984 film Racing to the Moon.
 Lou has had a wonderful career, and is someone I will always look up to. If you ever get the chance to meet or talk to Lou take it. He is a down to earth guy that has influenced my life.

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