Thursday, December 16, 2010

Player profile of Ronnie Allen

Amy, who is a good friend of mine owns and operates the Vegas Billiard Buzz, This site covers all aspects of Billiards in Vegas. She runs a great site and keeps it up to date constantly. She started having a player of the month, asking questions and letting us know about some of our players around town.  I found this to be very exciting. I don't want to try and compete with her but I took an interest in this.
Last Tuesday night I was playing at the Cue Club and began talking with Ronnie Allen. This isn't the old Ronnie Allen who is in the Hall of Fame . Most people who play pool in Vegas know the Ronnie that I'm talking about. No relation to the older Ronnie.
I started asking some questions and began thinking that this would make for a good article on my blog.

Where did you grow up and start playing pool? I grew up in Northern California in a town called Antioch Ca.
 I was 15 years old and worked in a pool hall called ARC pool hall, 2 days a week. 

How long have you been playing pool ? I have been playing around 35 years, but I took a 5 year break.

Growing up who do you look up to?  I had a lot of people that I looked up to growing up, so there isn't anyone person. I learned by watching the better players.
What is your playing cue?  I play with a Schon 19 3/4 ozs.

What is your Favorite game to play?  I really enjoy 9 Ball. I play all games but 9 Ball is my favorite.

Who would you say is your favorite Pro player?  Efren Reyes is my all time favorite, but I grew up enjoying Nick Varner, Buddy Hall, and  Kim Davenport.

What is your most memorable money match ?  I have a lot of interesting money matches but my recent was at the cue club. I was playing a guy 9 ball in a race to 9. I was down in the first set 6 to 2 and came back to win that set 9 to 6. The second set I won 9 to 2. We were playing for cash, jewelry and a pick up truck. When I went to get the truck they had already sold it and we ended up in court which I lost the case.

I remember watching you play in the Cujoroho at the Riviera . That was a great match.There was 487 entries and I never lost a match. I was playing really well and felt good all weekend. The next tournament was going to be for $1,000,000 dollars but never happened.

Advise for newbies wanting to get better?  Don't be negative about your game. Look for what your doing right. Practice new things, don't practice what you already know. Keep a positive mindset and enjoy yourself.

I really enjoyed talking with Ronnie and wish I had more time. I find him to be a down to earth guy and I want to hear more about some of the matches he has played against some of the Pro's.

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