Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What's in my case!

The other day I received an e-mail from Samm Diep in regards to her coming across my blog. Those of you who aren't familiar with Samm, she is an excellent pool player, and if you have gone to the Riviera I know you have seen her running around. She has so much energy that she doesn't stay in one spot for long. She is known as the Cherry Bomb and is involved in many aspects of what we love and that's billiards. Samm wanted me to take some pictures of what's in my case and she wants to post it on her site PoolSynergy. Check out her web site  and when you see her picture I know you will recognize her.
In the first picture below these are my cues. I break with a JOSS which is the cue on the bottom, then the cue in the middle is my pride and joy.This is a one of a kind Schon made in 1982, for a Pro Player named George Brunt. My jump cue is a bungee.The next picture is all my supplies, everything from a shaft cleaner, tip pick, glasses for my old eyes, eye drops, and powder, my chalk holder is a horn from a deer and has a stingray cover to hold the chalk.  My case is an Instroke 2x4.This is a great case but weighs a ton.

Misc. Stuff
My Cues
Custom Cue
Instroke Case


  1. how come you have two blogs, mr. taylor? they both seem to have the same posts.

  2. Welcome to PoolSynergy. I wish you the best of luck with your blog.