Thursday, September 23, 2010


The vegas billiard tour had it's finial 9 ball tournament on Saturday at Pool Sharks. Although I went 2 and out I had a good time. My first match was with a guy I play all the time and I have a  fairly good chance of beating him. He had me down 3 to nothing in a race to 4.  I came back and tied it 3 all. In the 4th game I played a safe on the 5 ball and he had to kick from the end rail to hit it. He shot the cue ball at medium speed hit the end rail and the cue ball jumped over the 5,6 and 8 that were around the spot. He was amazed , shouted out loud and could not believe what just happened. All I could say was tough break and started to run out. I ran down to the 8 and made a shot putting the 8 in the corner hoping to come off the same end rail that he had problems with and the cue ball jumped on me and scratched in the side. I wanted to shout and scream but I already looked like an idiot knowing that rail was bad and did the shot anyway.
I was hoping to do better on the losers side and I played someone I didn't know. Usually I play better when I don't know the person I am playing, so I really looked forward to this next match. We started our match on the same table that I just played in a race to 3. We were hill hill and my opponent hit that same lousy rail and the ball jumped causing him to miss and leaving me a tough shot. I made the shot making the 4 and had the 7 ball tied up . I played the 5 for position on the 6 to break up the 7. Great plan, great shot except the 8 ball hit that same f @#*+*# rail jumped a little and hit the cue ball causing it to scratch. The vegas billiard tour has a tournament in Oct. for the top 48 players with a $1000 added. I happen to be in that top 48 and  know I need to bring my best game. Wish me luck because this finial tournament will be tough.

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