Sunday, May 1, 2011

US Open 10 Ball Championship !

The month of May is my favorite time of the year. Why do you ask, It's Riviera time in Las Vegas. This is the pool lovers dream. I really look forward to the US Open 10 Ball Championship, May 16th to the 21st.. One of the players I want to see is Johnny Archer, Johnny was player of the year I don't know how many times,and also player of the decade. His game never seizes to amaze me. He is known as the Scorpion and you can go to his web site to learn more about him.

 He hasn't been playing as much lately, because he went partners with Kim Davenport in their own billiard room in Marietta Ga. The name of their billiard room is the Marietta Billiard Club.
Anyway back to the US Open, Click on this link Playcsipool to get a list of all the players this year and prices for seating at the daily matches. They will also have a One Pocket Tournament going May 12th thur the 15th. There are alot of players that enjoy watching one pocket, I find it interesting but for me it's like watching grass grow. I have some fellow Bloggers that I want to meet this year at the Riviera and look forward to nothing but pool,pool, pool.

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