Saturday, April 9, 2011

Billiard Eyeglasses

One of the problems with getting older is your eye sight begins to go. I kept telling myself I don't need glasses even when the balls became fuzzy. I know for a fact I was guessing at the long shots and even though I made a majority of them I still missed when I needed it the most. There has been times when I was playing in Tournaments and my eyes would become tired and I would see 3 balls and end up shooting the middle one. 
I finally broke down and got some glasses. The only problem with the glasses I got was I wasn't able to see over the rims. Bummer. I did some research and found a company up in Canada. You can go to Billiard and see what Dr Harrison has to offer.
 These are NOT ordinary eyeglasses but are specially designed to allow you to follow your line of sight, along the pool cue and to the target, and still be able to look clearly through the lens that rise above your eye brows.
I sent Dr. Harrison my prescription and received my glasses within 10 days. I have to tell ya, I can see the balls so clear and was really excited about playing again . I needed to adjust on my long shots, but it is so nice to be able to see the table layout again.
I have had several people ask me were I got my glasses,so I know their is more of you that has considered on getting a pair. Don't hesitate go to Billiard You won't regret it.

       This is what they look like. Very light weight and they come with there own case.


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