Monday, November 29, 2010

Mickey's 6th Annual 9-Ball Tournament

One of the things I love about living in Las Vegas is it seems like every weekend there's a pool tournament going on. This past weekend Mickey's held it's 6th annual 9 ball tournament. There was 36 players, and this being an open tournament some of the best players showed up. It was a race to 8, winner breaks and we played on the 9 foot Diamonds. The owner Shawn Gresser provided food for everyone, the service was great, and Shawn ran an excellent tournament. I started off with a buy, then my opponent didn't show for my next match. I'm thinking how lucky is this. After watching other people play I couldn't wait to get started. When I did start  my match I won the first two games. I missed the 4 ball and watched my opponent run out. I was either kicking at shots or trying to play safe but never really got a good shot, and watched as my opponent win the next 8 games. As I started my next match on the loser side I found myself down 5 to 0. I remembered how much I hate 9 ball and started thinking about how much I missed bowling. I got in to a groove and won the next 4 games. Thinking I might be able to pull this off  I had a brain fart and never won another game. I got into this tournament because I wanted to play some of the best, but at this rate how much torment can one person take. Anyway I had a great weekend and enjoyed watching some good pool. I need to play in some tournament more my speed and take baby steps before entering these open tournaments.
I wanted to take more pictures but got so involved in watching I didn't do what I intended to do .
The vegasbilliardbuzz has a picture of the first and second place winners.

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